Mix ‘N Match – 3 Jar box


Pick 3 of the same or mix and match to your taste.

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Christmas Jalapeno Jam-0
Red Raspberry Jam-0
Texas Traffic Jam-0
Apricot Jam-0
Jalapeno Pepper Jelly-0
Texas Twister Jam-0
Christmas Jam-0
Strawberry Jam-0
Tropical Storm Jam-0
Blackberry Jam-0
Peach Jam-0
Texas Traffic Jam *LITE*-0
Dutch Apple Butter-0
Strawberry Rhubarb Jam-0
Two Berry Jam-0
Bread & Butter Squash-0
Homestyle Chunky Salsa (Medium)-0
Corn Relish-0
Pickled Beets-0
Mild Southren Chow-Chow-0
Homestyle Chunky Salsa (Hot)-0
Southern Chow-Chow (Hot)-0
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Choose an assortment of 3 of your favorite Rachel’s Texas Kitchen products. Mix your favorite jams & jellies in with a couple jars of salsa or relish. Select any combination and place your order today! Select your own choices of for each jar in the case of 3.

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Weight 4.5 oz


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